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About Us

Founded in 1960, Bethlehem Temple Word of Faith Apostolic Church led by Senior Pastor Bishop Marcus E. Burns. With over 600,000 international listeners, Bethlehem Temple has a large international footprint with the sole purpose of spreading the gospel to all God’s Children. Located in Berkeley California we seek to engage our local community with the drive to enlist the disenfranchised, comfort the feeble minded, feed the hungry soul while staying true to the mandate God has placed on us as keepers of his pasture.


We believe that faith is the most important aspect in life worth contending for, so we hold open Bible classes allowing inquiry minds to sharpen their understanding by welcoming questions at any time during these sessions. The word of God is not subject to private interpretation and we have an obligation to prove all things what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.


Our church welcomes all those who have a desire to learn of the common salvation God has made ready for all men through his Son Jesus Christ. We make room for the gifts of others that can fill the needs of God’s Kingdom as we endeavor in all the building to be fitly framed together, growing unto an holy temple in the Lord: in whom ye also are built together with us.

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Pastor & Lady Burns

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